Can you qualify the tough objectives of Web3 Professional  certifications? Will the certifications guide you towards better career opportunities? Let us find some of the top blockchain certifications which can help beginners start their careers in the blockchain ecosystem. 

Best Blockchain Certifications for Beginners 

The sheer number of options among blockchain certifications available in the market today is quite overwhelming. First of all, beginners don’t have a clear idea about which certification to choose. On top of it, many of the blockchain certifications don’t offer continuity as they are generally available as standalone certifications. Therefore, beginners are less likely to find many options for the future after completing a specific certification. 

In such cases, you need a platform that offers the best blockchain certification that would actually improve your career prospects. 101 Blockchains offers three promising blockchain certifications you can pursue for promising career opportunities in the future. Let us take a look at the three top certifications which can help you kickstart a blockchain career.

  • Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional 

The first entry among top blockchain certifications by 101 Blockchains is the Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional (CEBP) certification. The certification focuses on an in-depth understanding of the core concepts associated with blockchain and the broader ecosystem. 

CEBP certification validates the skills for implementing blockchain-based solutions with updated actionable tools. The course serves as a favorable choice for beginners to build their skills for engaging with enterprise executives. The blockchain certification course with CEBP also hones the skills of candidates in understanding the different applications of blockchain in the real world.

  • Certified Web3 Professional Certification

The Certified Web 3.0 Professional certification is a well-known certification that helps you to learn the future of the internet. The Web3 Certification course is a demanding resource for those who are interested in understanding the logistics of Web 3.0 technologies. The Certification course is intended to cover a detailed understanding of the basics and advanced topics in web3 technology, and also the benefits of this technology. The identified web 3.0 professional have demanding career opportunities once acquiring this certification. The Certified Web3 training is designed for those who are interested in those potential professionals who are ambitious to improve their understanding of the future of the internet and become certified web3 experts. The training will not only provide the basics but also an in-depth knowledge and practical insights into web3 technologies. 

Learn web3 technologies to become a successful web3 expert and improve your skills and understanding of blockchain technologies and their applications. In order to under the logistics of web 3.0 you must have proficient knowledge of web2 programming because web3 technology is a more advanced and improved version of the internet and basic knowledge of it would really help you to easily under the technology changes in it. Enroll now to become a Certified Web 3.0 professional from 101 Blockchains and get your certification.

  • Certified Enterprise Blockchain Architect 

The Certified Enterprise Blockchain Architect (CEBA) is the next best blockchain certification from 101 Blockchains for boosting your career in blockchain. You can use the certification to prove your skills in development of practical blockchain-based solutions. The certification exam objectives focus on basic and advanced concepts of blockchain architecture alongside identification of suitable blockchain systems. 

You can capitalize on the CEBA certification for developing your skills in understanding customer requirements. At the same time, you can build your fluency in using tools such as blockchain decision trees and public as well as permissioned blockchain systems. 

  • Certified Blockchain Security Expert 

101 Blockchains also offers the Certified Blockchain Security Expert certification for beginners who seek specialization in blockchain security. The blockchain certification course with CBSE focuses on developing theoretical as well as practical fluency in blockchain security. You would develop a comprehensive understanding of the different threats in each layer of the blockchain ecosystem. At the same time, you can also hone your practical fluency in blockchain security with references to use cases and case studies. 

The CBSE certification is probably one of the most comprehensive certifications for blockchain security with a broad range of objectives. The CBSE blockchain certification by 101 Blockchains deals with fundamentals of blockchain cryptography, threat modeling, and testing. In addition, it also covers smart contract security, consensus security, network security, and node security. The certification also covers enterprise blockchain security platforms and their effect on blockchain security.

The Road to Prolific Blockchain Careers

The three different blockchain certifications offered on 101 Blockchains deal with three individual aspects of the blockchain ecosystem. For example, the Certified Enterprise Blockchain Architect certification proves the skills of candidates for building blockchain solutions. The CEBP certification shows that candidates could use the right blockchain systems and tools for achieving enterprise business goals. Finally, the CBSE certification proves that a candidate could safeguard the blockchain solutions they build.

Final Words

The distinct value advantages of the top blockchain certifications offered by 101 Blockchains can empower the career of blockchain beginners. One of the foremost highlights of the three certifications is the focus on enterprise needs with blockchain. Beginners can use the three different certifications for boosting and validating their skillsets in leveraging the power of blockchain efficiently.

Most important of all, you get the benefit of specialized training courses with each certification exam that would guide preparations. Start exploring the details of the most in-demand blockchain certifications on 101 Blockchains right now.