The hype for web3 has been growing at an unreal pace in recent months. Web3 represents a significant milestone in the evolution of the internet. Some of the most prominent entities associated with web3 include blockchain, NFTs, DeFi, and the metaverse. Amidst the growing anticipation regarding web3, many professionals want to become web3 experts and prepare for careers of the future.

However, it is important to understand the career opportunities available in web3 and the skills required for proving web3 expertise. The following post helps you uncover the essential information required for becoming a web3 expert.

certified web3 professional certification

Are Web3 Experts in Demand?

The first question before you learn web3 would turn the limelight on how demand for experts in web3. As of now, web3 might be in the nascent stage. However, it would redefine digital experiences and services with many plausible improvements. Therefore, businesses would have to adapt to web3 technologies to stay relevant in the new generation of the web.

Interestingly, the applications of blockchain, NFTs, and metaverse for major brands and startups have spurred a diverse range of web3 jobs with lucrative opportunities. Some of the top job roles for web3 experts include web3 developer, product manager, and UI/UX designer. Web3 developers and UI/UX designers can work together on developing web3 projects. Product managers are responsible for ensuring the effective development, operations, and maintenance of web3 solutions.

How Much Can Web3 Experts Earn?

The next important concern for an aspiring web3 professional reflects on the salary for web3 experts. Financial remunerations are one of the foremost factors for driving the interest of professionals in a specific career path. While you can explore diverse roles for professional development in the domain of web3, the expected salary estimate could strengthen your resolve to become a web3 expert.

Apparently, the average web3 expert salary ranges from $90,000 to $750,000, based on the job role. The salary of web3 experts would also account for many other factors such as experience and location of the job. Interestingly, web3 experts could also explore innovative compensation approaches, such as accepting payments in tokens.

Essential Skills for Web3 Experts

Any guide on becoming Certified web3 experts would be incomplete without the outline of web3 expert skills and recommendations for developing them. The constant evolution of web3 calls for aspiring experts to invest efforts in developing a comprehensive set of technical skills. You need to work on your programming and development skills with particular emphasis on JavaScript and Solidity programming language. Candidates should also emphasize blockchain as well as UI/UX development skills. Some of the other areas of knowledge required for blockchain experts would include finance, sales, marketing, and security.

Best Practices to Become Web3 Experts

The journey of becoming a web3 specialist can be challenging for beginners. However, a set of proven best practices could help you find the way to your web3 career goals. Here are some of the recommended steps you must follow to become web3 experts.

  • Use Professional Training Courses: One of the simplest recommendations for becoming a web3 expert would focus on professional training. You should use training courses to learn about the essential components of web3, such as blockchain, smart contracts, DeFi, NFTs, and the metaverse.
  • Develop Your Own Projects: Another practical recommendation to learn web3 would focus on the development of your web3 projects. An expert in web3 must have fluency in the implementation of web3 concepts in practical use cases for real-world scenarios. The practice could help in honing web3 development skills alongside understanding the workflow for web3 solutions.
  • Get Certified: You should also pursue a web3 certification to validate your web3 expert skills and improve your chances of landing jobs in web3. One of the trusted options available for aspiring web3 experts points at the Certified Web3 Professional certification on 101 Blockchains.
Certified Web3 Professional Certification
Certified Web3 Professional Certification

Bottom Line

The consistently expanding popularity of web3 would garner mainstream attention in the coming years. You can become a web3 expert and explore the competitive advantage of career development prospects for the future. Web3 would define new standards for the use of internet services and applications alongside opening up many job roles. However, aspiring professionals need proven resources for establishing their proficiency as web3 experts, such as training courses and certifications. Learn more about web3 and discover new career opportunities in web3 with 101 Blockchains.